Creative Programs

Ward 14: This is an art collage photo piece I submitted for entry to the Photo Exhibition of Rockland Fair 2018 (#1044 Photographer’s Choice). Not the greatest photo but I will leave that to the experts of John Overmeyer and the committee 🙂 This is their 166th festival and I had such a great time! I spoke with a Beverly Community Representative and bought one of their old maps, hence I used to work with Planning and Zoning so it was nice to chat about that:) This community has attracted many people worldwide and this photo represents all the schools and places I have visited in the area. Thank Flamborough particularly Rockland Berry Farm, who has allowed me to post most of my campaign signs!

Students thrive more when programs in music, theatre – all of the arts are in place.  This is imperative for the future of our youth and their hard working families.


I find one of the best methods in knowing a child is to bond with them through creative and expressive play and art. I have used many of these methods in public and private schools. Eg. St. Andrews and Montessori. “Getting to Know You” type scenarios in free play and expressive outlets are proven to be very affective.




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