Helping Families and Children, Nominated for the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Trustee 2018: Ward 8 & 14

B4 and Afterschool: Do you really Care?

Providing these educational programs to children and their families help build community.
My experiences in these programs,  have been very rewarding.  Especially when it comes to building a relationship with a child or student who have been missing their loved ones for the better part of the day.   After school programs such as the YMCA has helped with such causes, ensuring that children and their families have a means to develop for the better.  Hence I believe, and have used methods of creativity to help bridge that gap.

It is proven that students thrive when they have creative outlets, particularly after finishing their daily curriculum.  Having been a past performer in musical theatre, being part of choir or band, or any club for that matter, can help all facets of the equilibrium.