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Back at “MAC”: Changes in Statued Structures with an “Agenda”

Being invited to hear Steve Paikin, from TVO’s, The Agenda, has brought me back to nostalgia. As a graduate from McMaster University, Paikin, the moderator of “The Statue Wars”, along with the 3 panel of experts, has helped me understand the importance of what art structures can mean to the masses.

The L.R. Wilson Hall, was an impressive addition to the University of McMaster, and the interiors were minimalist and functional. As to the contrast of the once detailed baroque interiors of their much older structures such as Divinity and Hamilton Hall. Before the creation of the L.R. Wilson, I remembered enjoying a pint at the Phoenix Pub, that once resided. I also remembered dancing, and enjoying good times with my fellow colleagues at The John, which was a student bar slash club, at the time.

It is quite ironic how this topic of Statue Wars can relate to changes of structures that once resided on memory lane. Through all this prestige and well defined architecture is a cover up to all the personal and once archaic memories of fraternity and social student life.

This so-called, Socrates Project, coined the term “Living in Democracy” as a head liner for this topic and future series to come. That is interesting. Let us hope the old ways of thinking have moulded into the newer structures that are now standing.

I wanted to thank Michelle for making a visit to my hometown Hamilton, Ontario. On October 11th, 2019, I rushed down to First Ontario Place, the once Copps Colliseum, to hear the former first lady speak. Although people had said to me; “Oh, she is just touring to promote her book”, but honestly, I knew she would be contributing more than that.