ME Too: Women of Influence

Uniqueness like autism is a special type of characteristic that all educators can learn from.  Personally, Mila, my niece, and other children help me  understand how certain personalities can fall onto the autism spectrum, at any point of time.  I believe this remarkable understanding can help you become a better  educator, as well as being receptive  to understanding a wide range of behaviours.  As an affective educator, we must bring out the gifts that each potential student can exhibit.
And let us not forget the mothers such as my brave sister, who has always inspired me.


Meeting Sookyin Lee and hearing her speak, was one of my biggest influences when growing up. Seeing her on MuchMusic in the 80s, and seeing her take form as a film producer, actor, musician, etc. is an example of an artist that I understand.


I would like to thank all those who have been involved in helping and taking action for the future of our children and their families. Your research not only provides those in our community and the professionals in the field, but also towards a healthy future for all Canadians.
Shout outs to Shanthiya, from the Disability Justice Network of Ontario, (Health Advocacy Symposium at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre) and Dr. E. Hassan, representing McMaster University Sick Kids.