Caring Connections: Let’s Acknowledge

I sent this piece to Jim.  I believe he payed homage to it when he was on Jimmy Kimmell. See this clip
This piece was accepted by Lucy Liu, on her advocacy on Dogs and Dog rescue. This piece called “We are Family” helped me in my Community Spirit Nomination 2018.
Ode to Ward 8: My old high school STM used to be off of Fennell and Upper James, until it moved to the bigger STM on Upper Paradise and Stonechurch. Great memories to be had, even the businesses that supported it. No matter the newer changes, the old bone solid structures are still standing. Thanks to them, and other leaders, including Sir Lincoln Alexander and Commander Mark, gave head way to my memories. Let’s ensure that all students have great memories in their schools whether it being in talent and fashion shows, to student or athletic council, to cooking classes,…great memories like these can never be replaced.


These are just a few people who came to attend the event on Saturday Sept 15th, and to show appreciation I agreed to send them a photo. Thank you for liking my work and above all, thank you for the great conversation! I hope to see or stay in touch with you again!


My collective and community collage at Supercrawl 2018 from my past students and their families. My apologies for the fence but I was told I could not place it on the outside of it. The other side of it (collage) was the continuum but later I was told I could not hang it up on the fence, but place it on the ground.

Recycling Old Abandoned Schools into New Community Structures

As a past lobbyist for the City of Hamilton, I have always voiced my opinion on abandoned schools and the turn around of its usage.  The elementary school off of Garrow and Garth in Hamilton, Ontario, was the school I once attended: St. Catherine of Siena, right beside RA Ridell.  Through art advocacy I was happy to see that this once elementary school is now serving the community: i.e. Rygiel Community Services.



International Outreach:  UN and CDA – Educating Locally

One of my awarding experiences was working as a Campaign Manager for Southern Ontario, to help sponsor children and their communities for Plan Canada International.  This organization who is under CIDA and UN initiatives have programs such as “Because I AM a Girl” and “Gifts of Hope” have helped unfortunate children and their families to become more fruitful in education and other means to become more self sustaining.fullsizeoutput_f41

Reconciliation:  is a word being used federally in terms of redeeming our Canadian past, especially in relation to our Canadian Indigenous in Education.  Prime Minister Trudeau as well as his team, have acknowledged this and are in the act of reconciling past differences, including education.  This piece is in commemoration of that, which has helped me in my Community Spirit nomination of 2018.  Thank you Meeting House, First and Six Nations.