Campaigning: My Experience on a Political Platform

I guess there is a simple marketing equation when it comes to campaigning in politics. I would love to share or brainstorm with others who have been in the game for sometime. But I guess there are many ways in which you can PR yourself; e.g. partnering with the right group/community/church, with another political figure(s) who will refer you, being really publicized, and it can go on. It is a remarkable thing when the right format of factors that when presented properly, can help someone achieve a “win” or convince that they should be the one to represent a huge responsibility. This experience was somewhat a great learning curve, in which tells me how life is, and how the majority are, and the journey of how it is all done, from many perspectives.

Well, according to ME, I did it the way I wanted to, with sincerity, integrity and with no double guessing. To be honest, I am not sure if experience, higher or formal education, and the acceptance of God plays a factor anymore. Even having all those factors in place, I really wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Well, thank you to all my silent cheerleaders. I guess we will all watch how this will unfold and hope for the best 🙂

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