Thank YOU For Reading Onwards: Erica

It has been such an incredible journey. Thank you to those who voted and believing in me. As a reminder of why I did this, here is an attachment to my ad in the Hamilton Spectator with my government paid experiences, my educator and ABA current and past experiences, and credentials of scholastics and of life (Erica School Board)

Erica School Board

If you like, please listen to my nomination speech -please click onto the blue lettering : 3 min one take at Cable 14)

Thank you to the Spec, KLITE and CHCH and to CBC radio. Oh, and how can I forget to thank my American and International counterparts. And to my USA friends, thank you to CNN, especially to the late Anthony Bourdain and his crew, to the News, to CBS, and to the the celebs who really are making a difference in their craft.

Thank you to my family and people who believe in me. And to the many people who thought well of me, whom also share their supportive cheer in this purposeful journey of mine.

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