Political Nomination for Running as a Trustee Oct 22, 2018

This is a taping of me at Cable 14, in my hometown in Hamilton Ontario. It is a 3 minute take on the reasons why I am being nominated from my community. We were only allowed one take, plus I could not use my backdrop that was a collage made by my students. Well, I thought of adding it on here, considering Cable 14 will air their edited version closer to the election date of Oct 22nd.


COLLABORATION: Ensuring that all who play a part in Education are partnered properly and policies are reasonable and respectable to all.  As a Consultant in my past experiences, in many industries, I believe that putting the family and our Canadian children should be our first priority.


HELPING HARD WORKING FAMILIES:  It is my purposeful duty in helping the dual income, single income or those who are having a difficult time in making ends meet.  Without judging, the family can be in crisis if they do not have the full support of all community initiatives.


“Athlete’s Circle”: I believe that all abled bodies or those with different abilities can partake in athletics. We should strive to do more and help those flourish with other activities. I would like to thank STM for helping me be part of the championship Field Hockey Team winning streak, which is still ongoing till this day.