Advocate Artistry: I Am Erica

The following image: Left -“Typhoon Haiyan” (2013) which I created under the UN United Nations as their Campaign Manager for “Because I Am a Girl”. Right – “I’m Hurting” is an up cycled donut box art piece in which I partnered with Tim Hortons. Both were entered Internationally at Congress Art 2017. The “I’m Hurting” piece was chosen by Wadem (World Association Disaster Emergency Preparedness ) for display in Toronto.

“I’m Hurting” was selected by Congress Art 2017 (UK, China, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada) to represent their exhibit on Emergency Preparedness. The Meeting held place at Westin Harbour Centre Conference Centre 2017.


I have been involved in art  advocacy for sometime now.  I was always involved in some type of creativity and what brought me back, was after having beaten cancer.  The piece below is a “Collage of Memories”, ode to those who have visited and cared for me while I was going through this trial and tribulation in life.  Actually, I was graciously invited by Sheena Snively and Trish Kadish from the department of Business Arts at Mohawk College to present myself and my artwork on the main campus (November 2018).