One Relation: I Am Just ME


Defining people for themselves is a relation that is foreign to society is it not? Past history may allow people to judge them for the wars they escaped, or for freedoms they have fought for. Whatever or however you judge someone is based on many factors where preconceived notions apply. Being independent in who you are is a brave thing to do. So how does one distinguish themselves from the rest? Answer? Using the ONE Relation.

How would you establish a ONE RELATION with a person amongst their clan? Besides analyzing this person with the obvious caliber, why not use some helpful tips from Google’s “How to Ask the Right Question(s) in the Right Way“? And if you are the person being questioned here are other helpful tips: (1)Go with your gut. (2) try not to be rude (3) Use “I” statements (4) Find out more if and when appropriate (5) Say how you feel about being asked that (6) Depersonalize your answer (7) Express your feelings if you want to (8) Move them on (9) And so on…

Question: Are you the assessor or the one being assessed in this ONE Relation? Please remind yourself with the most important ONE Relation you have…


Middle People: We the Outsiders – A Message to MPs

Outsiders are Caught in the Middle: Nominated for the Multi-Cultural Calendar of 2020 in BC, Ontario.

Funny how first impressions are the instigators of someone’s opinion. Instead of formalities of shaking ones hand, so to speak, there are also other nuances on how one would or should relate to other people. Whether it be by trying to make eye contact, making a smile, or even saying a kind “hello”…no matter the transaction, it is nice to see if this quick human interaction can make it or break it into the transition of reception.

According to Wikipedia the first impressions individuals give to others could greatly influence how they are treated and viewed in many contexts of everyday life.[9][10] First impressions are based on a wide range of characteristics: age, race, culturelanguagegenderphysical appearanceaccentposturevoice, number of people present, and time allowed to process.

I am proud to say I am Canadian, North American born with Asian – Filipino Heritage. I could even microscopically narrow down the ancestry to other ethnicities, but why should that matter? All I believe is in how you treat people, and the common respect and acceptance of being with one another. But by being in the “middle” is like being an outsider nowadays. Instead of choosing sides, why can’t we be loving to one another and do what is right to fit in. Why is doing the right thing keeping us from the in crowd? Middle People- MPs (non political or political), please let me know your thoughts. There is always a nice treat if you follow the middle path

Thank YOU For Reading Onwards: Erica

It has been such an incredible journey. Thank you to those who voted and believing in me. As a reminder of why I did this, here is an attachment to my ad in the Hamilton Spectator with my government paid experiences, my educator and ABA current and past experiences, and credentials of scholastics and of life (Erica School Board)

Erica School Board

If you like, please listen to my nomination speech -please click onto the blue lettering : 3 min one take at Cable 14)

Thank you to the Spec, KLITE and CHCH and to CBC radio. Oh, and how can I forget to thank my American and International counterparts. And to my USA friends, thank you to CNN, especially to the late Anthony Bourdain and his crew, to the News, to CBS, and to the the celebs who really are making a difference in their craft.

Thank you to my family and people who believe in me. And to the many people who thought well of me, whom also share their supportive cheer in this purposeful journey of mine.

Campaigning: My Experience on a Political Platform

I guess there is a simple marketing equation when it comes to campaigning in politics. I would love to share or brainstorm with others who have been in the game for sometime. But I guess there are many ways in which you can PR yourself; e.g. partnering with the right group/community/church, with another political figure(s) who will refer you, being really publicized, and it can go on. It is a remarkable thing when the right format of factors that when presented properly, can help someone achieve a “win” or convince that they should be the one to represent a huge responsibility. This experience was somewhat a great learning curve, in which tells me how life is, and how the majority are, and the journey of how it is all done, from many perspectives.

Well, according to ME, I did it the way I wanted to, with sincerity, integrity and with no double guessing. To be honest, I am not sure if experience, higher or formal education, and the acceptance of God plays a factor anymore. Even having all those factors in place, I really wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Well, thank you to all my silent cheerleaders. I guess we will all watch how this will unfold and hope for the best 🙂