One Relation: I Am Just ME


Defining people for themselves is a relation that is foreign to society is it not? Past history may allow people to judge them for the wars they escaped, or for freedoms they have fought for. Whatever or however you judge someone is based on many factors where preconceived notions apply. Being independent in who you are is a brave thing to do. So how does one distinguish themselves from the rest? Answer? Using the ONE Relation.

How would you establish a ONE RELATION with a person amongst their clan? Besides analyzing this person with the obvious caliber, why not use some helpful tips from Google’s “How to Ask the Right Question(s) in the Right Way“? And if you are the person being questioned here are other helpful tips: (1)Go with your gut. (2) try not to be rude (3) Use “I” statements (4) Find out more if and when appropriate (5) Say how you feel about being asked that (6) Depersonalize your answer (7) Express your feelings if you want to (8) Move them on (9) And so on…

Question: Are you the assessor or the one being assessed in this ONE Relation? Please remind yourself with the most important ONE Relation you have…


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