Reconciliation: Forgiving and Improving

This piece is in commemoration of First Nations and all incentives in regards to Canadian Education.  I have been greatly touched by the remarkable and spiritual power of how forgiveness and love can conquer all past hurts.  The Meeting House (Oakville) took ownership of this, and this piece helped me in this year’s Community Spirit nomination .  Education can be positively constantly changing to a better world for all Canadians.


Helping Canada: Real Care is the Answer


I used to be in the military as a platoon leader in Canada (HMCS Star in Hamilton to be exact). There are good and bad things when it comes to being strict with children in the classroom. But really, it comes down to when a child and their family trusts you in their care. If you are an educator that has to delegate in a military style at all times, then you are somewhat missing that personal link to care. As an advocate, it is imperative to understand the psyche of children and understand their emotions. Children are not meant to be soldiers in Canadian daycare and the like.